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Camping Gas Standing Barbecue Model Nobel


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Making kebabs in your backyard or in nature can be very enjoyable if you have all the equipment to prepare it. This standing barbecue works with gas and conveys heat to the kebab from inside, causing the kebab water to be poured into the dish under the barbecue.

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Kebab is one of the most famous and popular dishes of the people of the Middle East, especially Iran and the Caucasus. Most kebabs use red or minced lamb, mutton, beef or veal in the preparation and cooking of kebabs. Also, onions and spices are used a lot in the preparation stages of most kebabs. The most important step in preparing kebab is preparing the cooking place.

Dimensions20x50x10 cm
Approximate weight1500 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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