A Collection of 4 Persian Poetry Books Hardback


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This Collection of 4 Persian Poetry Books includes “Divan of Hafez, Bustan & Gulistan of Saadi Shirazi & Khayyam”. An attractive and exquisite collection that contains the most beautiful Persian love poems. Poems of the most famous Iranian poets in one collection.

  • Book Cover Type: Artificial leather
  • ISBN: 9789646034419
  • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
  • Persian Title: بوستان و گلستان سعدی و رباعیات خیام و دیوان حافظ
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Collection of 4 Persian Poetry Books

Poetry and literature have had a special place in Iran since the past years. Great Iranian poets, including Hafez, Saadi, Molana, etc., are among the most famous names in this field. Poetry is one of the important platforms for the manifestation of beauty. In Persian Poetry, Poets described Love as the manifestation of knowledge of beauty. In Persian literature and poetry, the topic of love, which is born and arose from the realization of the beauty of creation, has been widely discussed. The poem about the beauty of the beloved, like the beauty of the face, can depict the face and appearance of the beloved from the perspective of the poet in love. There are many poems about the beauty of lovers in Persian literature. But the best description of external beauty is in the description of the beauty of a woman and maybe the reason for that goes back to culture and history. For those interested in Persian poetry and literature, this “Collection of 4 Persian Poetry Books” can be an excellent choice. We Ship Worldwide.

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Book Cover TypeArtificial leather
Suitable forAdults
Language(s)Persian (Farsi)
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