Borzuya Persian Physician Bust Statue

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Having the statues of the elders of any land, especially Iran, is a sign of our respect and love for the elders of our land, although if we live outside of Iran, because our culture depends on these elders.

  • Dimensions: 7×6.5×16.5 cm
  • Material: Polyester

Borzuya Persian Physician

Borzuya was a Persian physician in the late Sassanid era, at the time of Khosrau I. Borzuya translated the Indian Panchatantra from Sanskrit into Pahlavi. But both his translation and the original Sanskrit version he worked from are lost. Borzuya, the physician of Anushirvan court, traveled to India with the permission of the emperor to get a plant that revives the dead, and there he tried to find what he wanted, but he did not succeed, but Indian scientists told him that the plant was a book “Kalila and Demna” and that book enlightens the ignorant who are like the dead and thus gives them life. In the book of medical history of Iran, Cyril Algood considers Borzuya to be the same as Bozorgmehr Tabib, the minister of Anoushirvan

Dimensions7×6.5×16.5 cm
Approximate weight700 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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