The Blind Owl Book by Sadegh Hedayat (English)


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The Blind Owl is Sadegh Hedayat’s most important work. A book full of symbols that has such depth and content that can be examined with different types of analysis. So far, many critiques have been made of the story of the blind owl, especially in the field of psychological critique. This symbolic effect is so deep that not everyone can understand it and interpret it from their own point of view. Numerous books have been written on the description and interpretation of the Blind Owl, each of which interprets the Blind Owl from the perspective of the same author. It can be said that “Blind Owl” is the most famous and only Iranian story that is hated by many fans and lovers and by many others.

Sadegh Hedayat

Sadegh Hedayat was an Iranian writer, translator and intellectual. Best known for his novel The Blind Owl, he was one of the earliest Iranian writers to adopt literary modernism in their career. Hedayat was born to a northern Iranian aristocratic family in Tehran (his great-grandfather Reza-Qoli Khan Hedayat Tabarestani was himself a well-respected writer and worked in the government, as did other relatives) and was educated at Collège Saint-Louis (French catholic school) and Dar ol-Fonoon (1914–1916). In 1925, he was among a select few students who traveled to Europe to continue their studies. There, he initially went on to study engineering in Belgium, which he abandoned after a year to study architecture in France. There he gave up architecture in turn to pursue dentistry. In this period he became acquainted with Thérèse, a Parisian with whom he had a love affair[citation needed]. In 1927 Hedayat attempted suicide by throwing himself into the Marne but was rescued by a fishing boat. After four years in France, he finally surrendered his scholarship and returned home in the summer of 1930 without receiving a degree. In Iran, he held various jobs for short periods.

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