Balochi Suzani Embroidery Tablecloth Model Rozhan


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This balochi embroidery inspired of the dreams of Baloch women than by the nature in which they live. Using this tablecloth in additional to made your home beauty, introduce you with the dream and beauty of Iranian Balochi art.

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Suzani or Needlework

Iran is home to many amazing Handcrafts but the Balochi embroidery deserves a special mention. Balochi embroidery is a collection of special types of needlework that first created from the minds and creativity of Baloch women. Balochi embroidery or needlework has a seal of authenticity from UNESCO and is also registered in the list of spiritual heritage of Iran.This art is mostly performed in Baluchistan (Baluchis) and some other regions of Iran such as Isfahan (Armenians), Bakhtiari, North (Turkmen), Khorasan and Yazd (Zoroastrians of Yazd). Needlework in these areas differs in design, color and type of sewing. In Iran, the art of needlework or Suzani is Balochistan, which is done by Baloch women. Iranshahr city located in Baluchistan was registered in 1397 as the national city of Suzani.

Dimensions87x62x0.2 cm
Approximate weight380 Gram
Place of productionIran
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
Other DetailsUndoubtedly, needlework in Balochistan should be considered as one of the most original and interesting handicrafts.
-Very beautiful for the frame and wall hanger, suitable for decorating the dining table, sofa front table, drawer and console.
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