Hand Embroidered Table Runner Model Mikasa


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Introducing a timeless masterpiece of artistry, our Patchwork Embroidered Table Runner crafted from premium linen fabric. Designed by skilled Iranian artists, this exquisite piece weaves together the rich heritage of Persian art in a symphony of detailed patchwork embroidery. Each stitch is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and cultural depth infused into every inch of this runner. It serves as not just a table adornment but a narrative of tradition and innovation, elevating your dining space with its captivating beauty. Imbued with the essence of Persian artistry, this table runner is a unique fusion of luxury and heritage. The meticulous patchwork embroidery, carefully curated and designed by Iranian artists, offers a distinct and elegant addition to your home decor. Each thread, each detail reflects a story of artisanship, making this runner not just a functional piece but a true reflection of cultural artistry and passion.

  • Dimensions: 150×50 cm
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Washability: Yes, by hand
  • Material: Linen Fabric
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Embroidered Table Runner Mikasa

Introducing our collection of exquisitely crafted Hand Embroidered Table Runners and the Patchwork Theme Hand Embroidered Table Runners, a testament to the mastery of Iranian artisans. Handcrafted with precision and passion, each runner is a canvas of artistic expression, showcasing the cultural richness and traditional artistry unique to Iranian heritage. Our Hand Embroidered Table Runners epitomize timeless elegance. The fusion of premium fabric and meticulous embroidery adds an air of sophistication, transforming every meal into an elegant affair. Embrace the meticulous craftsmanship and cultural allure that these handcrafted table runners bring to your dining space. For those seeking a mosaic of artistic expression, our Patchwork Theme Hand Embroidered Table Runners are a visual symphony. Carefully designed and crafted by talented Iranian artists, these runners harmonize various embroidered sections into a stunning patchwork design. Infused with the vibrant tapestry of Iranian art, these runners serve as captivating centerpieces, seamlessly marrying tradition with creativity. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Iranian art and craftsmanship with these unique and beautifully designed table runners. Each piece is a celebration of cultural heritage and artistic expertise, transforming your dining space into a haven of tradition, innovation, and visual splendor.

Dimensions 150×50 cm
Approximate weight 100 Gram
Place of production Iran
Washability Yes, by Hand
Application Decorative & Consumables
Material Linen
Handling time 7 Days
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