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Az Yadha Rafteh Iranian TV Series


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The main character of the story is Mehrabano, played by Helia Emami, and the main story is about the love that exists between him and Khosrow, played by Hossein Yari, and also Mehrad, played by Reza Yazdani. A stubborn noble boy is in love with his sister’s abigail. The story happens a few years after unveiling rule in Iran 1940s.

  • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
  • Format: DVD
  • Type: Series
  • Genre: Family
  • Persian Title: مجموعه کامل سریال از یاد ها رفته

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Az Yadha Rafteh TV Series

The story of this series takes place in 1940 and is about the life of a girl named Mehrabano who studied in France and after returning to Iran, she suffers from a severe crisis due to her unfamiliarity with the situation of the country and its customs. Historical issues such as the discovery of the hijab and the cultivation and production of opium will also be addressed in the series.Although the series makes small references to the discovery of the hijab, the story of Goharshad Mosque and Behlool Gonabadi, the narration of an event is not purely historical. You can watch the complete TV series of “Az Yadha Rafteh” by purchasing this product. ShopiPersia is the largest website selling original Iranian movies and series. We ship worldwide.

Handling time7 Days
Language(s)Persian (Farsi)
Number of CD/DVD6 DVD
Persian Titleمجموعه کامل سریال از یاد ها رفته
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