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Ashkha va Labkhand ha (Tears and Smiles) TV Series


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The story of the TV series “Ashkha va Labkhand ha (Tears and Smiles)” is about a woman named Shamsi who was in prison after an accident. She takes 15 days off from prison to take care of the life of her only son Khosrow, who is also a criminal. Heshmat, who is an old cinematographer, proposes for his son, Heshmat, who does not dare to say no to his sister, tells Shamsi a new lie , unaware that this seemingly small lie is ruining everything.

  • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
  • Format: DVD
  • Type: Series
  • Genre: Family
  • Persian Title: مجموعه کامل سریال اشک ها و لبخند ها

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Ashkha va Labkhand TV Series

Watching movies and series is one of the most popular pastimes. Entertainment that knows no age. Ashkha va Labkhand ha is an Iranian TV series produced by Hassan Fathi for the Nowruz 2009 film and TV series group. The main casts are: Borzou Arjmand , Hooman Barghnavard , Gohar Kheirandish & Leila Otadi. You can watch the complete TV series of “Ashkha va Labkhand” by purchasing this product. ShopiPersia is the largest website selling original Iranian movies and series. We ship worldwide.

Handling time7 Days
Language(s)Persian (Farsi)
Number of CD/DVD7 DVD
Persian Titleمجموعه کامل سریال اشک ها و لبخند ها
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