A House at the Bottom of a Lake Book by Josh Malerman


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A House at the Bottom of a Lake is the story of James and Amelia, two teenagers who are just starting to date. James has it all figured out: he’ll borrow his uncle’s canoe and take his sweetheart on a joyride across a nearby chain of lakes. The perfect set up to a budding romance.

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Josh Malerman

Josh Malerman is an American novelist, short story writer, film producer, and one of two singer/songwriters for the rock band The High Strung. He is best known for writing his post-apocalyptic novel, Bird Box, which was the inspiration of the Netflix film Bird Box. In 2020, he founded the production company Spin a Black Yarn with manager Ryan Lewis; their first film, We Need to Do Something, was shot in secret during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before his debut novel, Bird Box, was published by ECCO/HarperCollins, Malerman had written fourteen manuscripts, never having shopped one of them. Bird Box was published in the United Kingdom and United States in 2014 to much critical acclaim. As the singer/songwriter of the Detroit rock band The High Strung, Malerman toured the country for six years, playing approximately 250 shows a year. Malerman wrote many of the rough drafts for these novels in the passenger seat between cities on tour. He says this about those days: “I never saw the books with dollar signs in my eyes. It was no hobby, that’s for sure, it was the real thing and always has been, but I was happy, then, simply writing, and while I blindly assumed they’d be published one day, I had no idea how something like that occurred.”

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AuthorJosh Malerman
Persian Titleکتاب خانه ای کف دریاچه اثر جاش ملرمن
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