4.5 Liter Persian Electric Samovar Model Maria


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A samovar is a commodity that has found its place in homes since it arrived in Iran. This product was initially used for brewing coffee but during the Qajar period the first Iranian Samovar were produced and due to the fact that most people drank tea, it was used to brew tea.

Persian Samovar

samovar is a metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in Persia & Russia. Samovars (sometimes also spelled Samavar or Samaavar) are a staple in most Persian homes. Just like in Russian, Tea is a popular drink in Iran.  Pretty much everyone begins their day with a cup of tea, drinks some more after each meal as well as some between meals.

Dimensions320x320x420 mm
Approximate weight2.960 Kg
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Capacity4.5 Liter
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