A samovar with a beautiful design is what tea lovers or fans of traditional decorations are looking for. Iranian samovars will definitely catch the eye with their beautiful and attractive designs. Placing a brass or copper Persian samovar can make your decoration so attractive that the moments of drinking tea become memorable. Iranian samovars are produced in different types of gas, coal and electric. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful Iranian samovars with modern and traditional designs. Samovars that suit every taste. Gas, Coal or electric samovar made of copper or brass with a unique design. Samovars are immersed with Iranian art and are world famous. You will definitely be surprised to see the beauty of Iranian art. Surprise your guests. Like the Iranian carpet, the Persian samovar has a high artistic status. Buy electric, gas and coal samovars directly from Iran with confidence. We ship worldwide.

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