Saddle Bags

Kilim Saddle Bag known as Khorjin or Tōbrag is a bag that is placed on the back of carrier animals to carry goods. Saddle Bag is one of the handicrafts of nomads that is woven by women. Khorjin usually consists of two bags that sew half of the opening of both. Kilim Khorjins are used by the nomads to transport and store exquisite and precious objects and acts as a coffin. The designs found in the Khorjins range are inspired by the patterns from ancient tribal bags. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful Kilim Saddle Bags that are all handwoven. A beautiful collection of old and new Tōbrags. Buy Handwoven Kilim Saddle Bags directly from Iran. Persian Kilim is one of the most popular Kilims in the world and has a great reputation and popularity. We Ship the most unique Persian Tōbrag directly from Iran to you.

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