Antique Persian Handwoven Tōbrag 102282


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Using this magnificent completely Handwoven Antique Persian Tōbrag, at home can change the interior of home and attract the eyes of any viewer. This Iranian Saddle bag can bring the art Iran to your home with its bright color and stunning pattern.

  • Size: 0.16 m²
  • Dimensions: 32×50 cm
  • Lint: Wool
  • Condition: Used, Second Hand

Antique Persian Tōbrag

Tōbrag or Saddle bag is a kind of bag that is made by Iranian nomadic People and placed on the backs of animals to carry goods. The Saddle bags are used in the transportation to storage of exquisite and precious items, especially during nomadic times. Saddle bag is such a Persian rug and its originality dates back to about 2500 years ago. This Handwoven Saddle bag is one of the most luxurious accessories that can be used in home decoration design. Second-hand and old Saddle bags have a higher value like an art Work. Like a painting that adds value over time, handmade Saddle bags become more valuable over time. If you are looking to buy a Handwoven & Antique Persian Tōbrag , the best place is ShopiPersia. In ShopiPersia, we have the biggest collection of Persian Saddle bags for Sale. We Ship Worldwide.

Size0.16 m²
DyeingNatural colors
Dimensions32×50 cm
Approximate weight1 kg
Handling time7 Days
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
WashabilityBy Hand
Place of productionSirjan
ConditionUsed, Second Hand (Over 40 Years)
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