Music has many benefits for the human body and soul, so learning the basics and correctness of music science has a special importance and place. Iranian musical training books are one of the best resources for learning Iranian music. Music theory is the basis of composition and music books are one of the main sources for learning it. There are a variety of books for learning different musical instruments. We have collected the most prestigious and latest Iranian music books in ShopiPersia. Books that introduce you to Iranian music or as an educational resource to help you learn the basics of Iranian music. We have collected training books for all Iranian instruments. Also books on the history and notation of Iranian music. Persian music pieces or Radif of Iranian music. We are the most reputable and largest website that sells Iranian books. We ship worldwide.

  • The Advanced Radif by Master Ali Akbar Shahnazi

    The Advanced Radif of Master Ali Akbar Shahnazi for Tar

    The Advanced Radif by Master Ali Akbar Shahnazi, the great master of tar, Ali Akbar Shahnazi, has arranged and compiled for tar. The Advanced course includes five instruments (Shoor, Mahour, Sehgah, Chahargah, Homayoun) and five songs (Abu Atta, Dashti, Bayat Turk, Afshari and Bayat Isfahan).

    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
    • ISBN: 9790802604360
    • Persian Title: کتاب ردیف دوره عالی استاد علی اکبر شهنازی اثر داریوش پیرنیاکان
  • The Advanced Radif of Ali Akbar Shahnazi (Notation)

    This book is written by educational and analytical notation method; The same method that was invented many years ago by the author and used to write Mirza Abdullah’s Radif. In writing this Radif, in terms of the orders of the corners, sentences, moods, timings, fingerings, punches, and many subtle points in the decorations, etc., in particular, four sources have been used: The author direct learned through Master Shahnazi; The remaining tape of Master Shahnazi from this Radif; Notation by Habibaullah Salehi, ‌ and notation by Farhad Arjangi.

    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
    • ISBN: 9789641855958
    • Persian Title: کتاب ردیف دوره عالی علی اکبر شهنازی اثر داریوش طلایی

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