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Minakari or Enamelling is the masterpiece of Persian art and is one of the most glorious handicrafts of Iran. It is a art of painting, colouring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colours. If you travel to Isfahan’s Bazaar, you will understand the beauty of this Persian art. Hanging a Minakari plate on the wall or placing it on the table can make your decoration beautiful. If you are familiar with Iranian handicrafts or you want to have a beautiful piece of Iranian art, be sure to consider Minakari Plates. If you are looking to buy Iranian Minakari or Enamelling, ShopiPersia website is the largest Persian handicraft sales website. Buy a piece of Persian art with confidence from our website. We have collected the most beautiful Persian Minakari utensils that are all handmade. Experience the joy of Online shopping with us. We ship worldwide.

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