Dutar or Dotar is one of the string instruments of Persian music. The Bowl of Persian Dutar instrument is made of mulberry wood and the neck is made of walnut or apricot wood. The Persian Dutar instrument usually does not play with Mezrab, Instead, the musician uses his/her nails. This Instrument has several thousand years of history and mostly played in North Khorasan. The North Khorasan dotar instrument has a pear-shaped bowl and relatively long neck with two strings. The sound of the Khorasan Dotar instrument is so captivating and strong that it delights every listener. If you like the mystical sound of Persian Dotar, we recommend you to check our catalog and pick one of our Persian Instruments that we placed for sale. We believe you can find your desired Dutar instrument that you would like to play in our store. We ship worldwide.

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