Nizar Qabbani

Nizar Tawfiq was a Syrian diplomat, poet, writer and publisher. He was born in Damascus. Nizar Qabbani started writing poetry at the age of sixteen. He is considered to be Syria’s National Poet. His poetic style combines simplicity and elegance in exploring themes of love, eroticism, religion, and Arab empowerment against foreign imperialism and local dictators. Qabbani is one of the most revered contemporary poets in the Arab world. He has an unparalleled reputation in the Arab world. His poetry has been translated into most languages ​​of the world and has countless readers. We have collected a treasure of works of this great writer & poet in ShopiPersia. A collection of the best selection for Book lovers. You can easily check out the works of this poet that have been translated into Persian. ShopiPersia is the best option for buying books by famous poets in the world. We ship worldwide.

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