Arrive in 14 Days

Hossein Fattahi

  • 14 Stories 14 Ma'soums Story Book by Hossein Fattahi

    14 Stories 14 Ma’soums by Hossein Fattahi

    There was a day, there was a time. There was a city in Arabia called Mecca. In Mecca lived people who were known as the Quraysh tribe. The Quraysh tribe was one of the most respected Arab tribes. Among the people of this tribe lived a noble man named “Abdulmutallab”. Abdulmutallab was the great Quraysh. Abdulmutallab had ten sons. Of these ten brothers, one was the most beautiful. He was kinder and braver. His name was Abdullah. Everyone loved Abdullah. Abdulmutallab loved him more than the rest of his sons. Therefore, when Abdullah reached a young age, his father, Abdulmutallab, chose the best girl among the girls and married Abdullah. This woman was called “Amina” and …

    • Book Cover Type: Hardcover
    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
    • Persian Title: چهارده قصه، چهارده معصوم
    • ISBN : 9789644173677

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