Dada Vaswani

Jashan Pahlajrai Vaswani, better known as Dada Vaswani, was an Indian spiritual leader. He promoted vegetarianism and animal rights and is one of the senior Hindu spiritual teachers at Sadhu Vaswani Center in India, which has various branches in Indian cities and different countries around the world. Dada Vaswani has a special place in the lecture hall of D.H. He is in the United Nations and has a seat in the British House of Representatives.  Vaswani authored about 150 self-help books in Sindhi and English. His books are often taken from his lectures and about topics such as death and the world after death, love, forgiveness, submission and satisfaction before God, etc. You can easily check out the works of this author that have been translated into Persian. ShopiPersia is the best option for buying books by famous authors in the world. We ship worldwide.

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