Bob Dylan

  • If Not for You Book by Bob Dylan (Farsi Edition)

    If Not for You Book by Bob Dylan (Farsi Edition)

    In this inventive interpretation of Bob Dylan’s 1970 song “If Not for You,” illustrator David Walker beautifully imagines Dylan’s lyrics as portraying the bottomless love between a parent and a child—and the magical experiences they might share together.

    • Book Cover Type: Paperback
    • ISBN : 9786008617228
    • Language(s) : Persian (Farsi)
    • Persian Title: کتاب اگر تو نبودی اثر باب دیلن
  • Bob Dylan the Collection Album by Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection (Farsi)

    This book is a work that many fans of old songs and also fans of “Bob Dylan” were waiting for. “Bob Dylan”, who is considered one of the most popular and notable artists in the field of music and one of the well-known figures at the world level, has played an incomparable role in the emergence of a new style in music called native rock or folk rock.

    • Book Cover Type: Paperback
    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi) & English
    • ISBN: 9782000569107
    • Persian Title: کتاب مجموعه ترانه های باب دیلن اثر باب دیلن
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