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Aref Qazvini

  • Aref Qazvini letters Farsi Book

    Aref Qazvini letters Farsi Book

    This collection contains 69 letters of Aref (in this book). These letters contain useful information on the political-social history and contemporary men’s studies of Hamedan, which is less available in other sources. Abolghasem Aref Qazvini was an Iranian poet and songwriter from Qazvin. He was the singer of patriotic ballads during the constitutional period.

    • Book Cover Type: Hardcover
    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
    • ISBN: 9789643639648
    • Persian Title: نامه های عارف قزوینی
  • Aref Qazvini Poems Book Collection

    Aref Qazvini Poems Collection Book


    Abolqassem Aref Qazvini was an Iranian poet, lyricist, and musician. He was born in Qazvin. He composed many poems about Iran and was called a national poet. Along with his powerful poetry, he also wrote lyrics for numerous songs and played music. He was a revolutionary during the Iranian Constitutional Revolution and made many political and pro-revolutionary songs.

    • Book Cover Type: Paperback
    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
    • ISBN: ‫9789646736498
    • Persian Title: مجموعه اشعار عارف قزوینی
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