Turquoise Inlay Bowls

Turquoise Inlay Bowls are one of the most beautiful and items to place on a table or serving tray. They can attract the eyes with their unique Turquoise color and show luxury. Among the different types of bowls, hammered copper bowls with pieces of Iranian turquoise stones are unique. Bowls that are beautifully made with the hammering method on copper are unique. The art dates back 100 years. At ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful handmade turquoise Inlaid bowls. Bowls designed and made by Iranian artists are unique. A beautiful combination of copper and turquoise blue colors. Create a magnificent effect by placing one of our completely handmade Turquoise Inlay bowls on the showcase. The bowls are one of the most exquisite utensils for decorating a home or office. Pure copper with authentic Nishaburi turquoise. Completely handmade with a high artistic value.  We Ship worldwide.

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