Stone Pestles & Mortars

Stone Pestles & Mortars are really unique. Mortar and pestle is a set of two simple tools used from the Stone Age to the present day. For grinding foods, nothing beats a good mortar and pestle. Using original Iranian art, Iranian artists have shown their creativity in the field of making Stone Pestles & Mortars. In Iran artists made Mortars & Pestles by stones or shiny Metal such as Copper and Brass. Stone Mortars are one of the most antique and extremely beautiful dishes that has been made by skilled Isfahani artists. Mortars & Pestles can be found in almost all Iranian homes and the use of Mortars has been widespread in Iran in the past, but later they were replaced with Copper Mortars & Pestles due to their weight. We have a Unique Collection of Mortars & Pestles in ShopiPersia. We Ship Worldwide.

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