Copper Bowls

Copper bowls with their bright colors are one of the most attractive elements for welcoming guests or creating an attractive decoration on the table. The color combination of these bowls and the way they are made have made these bowls one of the most popular types of bowls. Bowls are designed in different sizes for different applications to suit every taste. In ShopiPersia, we have a luxurious collection of copper bowls designed and made by Iranian artists. Placing a Copper Bowl on the table or desk can be a good idea, especially if it is made in Iran and hammered by hand. Lovely bowls handcrafted especially to make your breakfast, dinner, or dessert a memorable experience! A collection of very multi-functional Copper bowls that are useful for different occasions. Enjoy your time with our handmade products. Luxury and eye-catching home products. We ship worldwide.

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