Bath Mitts

Bath Mitts are one of the practical and enjoyable elements of bathing. The soft texture of the Mitt makes detergents and body shampoos or soap foam better and makes the skin softer and smoother. Of course, they are made in different designs that have different degrees of roughness. In addition to helping to clean the skin better, They also cause the removal of fats and excess skin pollution. Nowadays, there are many types of bath Mitts, but the most famous ones are Iranian. Persian Style Mitts have kept their shape and texture since the past and are woven from natural materials. To use the Mitt, just wet it and then dip it in body shampoo or soap and gently rub it on the skin. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of all kinds of Bath Mitts, especially Persian Styles. Check out our collection and buy with Confidence. We ship worldwide.

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