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Ayatul Kursi Wall Carpets

The use of Ayatul Kursi Wall Hanging Carpets is very popular among Muslims. Hanging a Wall Rug with design of Ayatul Kursi verse can really create a luminous atmosphere. Hand Knotted Persian-Islamic Wall Hanging Rugs are very famous in the world and considered as a work of art. The designs of Wall Rugs are completely different from common floor Carpets. Wall rugs are usually hung on the wall in a frame, but many tend to hang them without a frame. Using an Islamic HandKnotted wall Hanging Rug can give a special beauty to your home decor. ShopiPersia is one of the world’s most comprehensive and finest collections of New & Antique Hand Knotted Wall Rugs. Our Islamic Ayatul Kursi Carpets are unique. Use a magnificent HandKnotted Persian-Islamic Wall Rug in designing your home decor. We Ship Worldwide.

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