Welcome to our enchanting world of the “Stink Series” by Megan McDonald, now available in Farsi. Dive into the exciting and hilarious adventures of Stink Moody, the pint-sized dynamo with a nose for fun and curiosity. This collection brings together a series of captivating tales that will tickle the imagination of readers of all ages. Join Stink on wild escapades, from incredible shrinking to epic thumb-wrestling and cosmic jawbreaker quests. Each book is a journey into laughter, friendship, and life lessons that are both heartwarming and relatable. Megan McDonald’s wit brings Stink’s world to life, teeming with vibrant characters, surprises, and humor. The “Stink Series” invites readers to explore the joys of childhood, from the perspective of a small but spirited hero. Join Stink’s adventures as he tackles quirky challenges and learns valuable life lessons with contagious enthusiasm. Join Stink journeys, and let the pages of these books inspire endless smiles and laughter.

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