Wooden Storage Chest with 6 Ceramic Drawers


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This wooden Storage Chest with Ceramic Drawers is an excellent organizer and suitable for any kitchen. If you are interested in cooking, you will definitely use it several times a day. Of course, you can use it to store other accessories as well. Its beautiful design can be suitable for completing the room and storing personal items.

  • Dimensions: 33x11x23 cm
  • 2600 Gram
  • Material: Wood
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Yes, by Hand

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Storage Chest with 6 Ceramic Drawers

In the kitchen of every house, there are usually several kinds of Fragrant spices & herbs, each of which plays an important role in making food delicious. Spices, Boxes & Jars are one of the important components in kitchens and play an important role in the decoration and order of the kitchen. Cooking is one of the unique arts that attracts more fans every day. Having a beautiful kitchen makes spending time in the kitchen and cooking enjoyable for you. Cooking is one of the unique arts that attracts more fans every day. A set of kitchen appliances can help to have a beautiful and special decoration. A decoration that doubles the pleasure of cooking and creates a feeling of comfort in the environment. Using a Special Wooden Storage Chest that is complete and attractive can easily bring beauty and elegance to your kitchen. But besides the beauty, the quality is also very impressive. This “Storage Chest with 6 Ceramic Drawers” is all the needs of a magnificent kitchen. Store your spices and dried herbs in a beautiful container. In ShopiPersia, we provide the most diverse and special Kitchen Accessories which are very beautiful and eye-catching. We Ship Worldwide.

Dimensions33x11x23 cm
Approximate weight2600 Gram
Place of productionIran
WashabilityYes, by Hand
Handling time7 Days
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