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Udu Drum (Kuzeh) Medium By DOYEK UDM1


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It will come with bag & black hoop (Circle)
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Udu Drum (Kuzeh)

In some African tribes, India and also Iran, clay pots are used as percussion. The clay pot, part idiophone and part aerophone, is the same pot that has traditionally been used to transport and hold water, but it has also had the function of a musical instrument. Despite its simple shape, it has a significant ability to play various types of rhythms. Kuzeh (Iran) In Baluchestan, two kuzehs are played with a metal tray. This combination, the oldest idiophone instrument in Baluchestan, is known as Kuzak & Tal. Kuzeh is never played separately. Rather, it is always accompanied by a tray. The player can change the tone by adding water to these clay pots. The Kerman Kuzeh is like a spindle without a handle. They are made in small and large sizes to accompany popular songs. Due to the uneven bottom, the player uses special supports or supports it with hands or legs. Since time immemorial, the white clay pot has been common in Hormozgan province. Called Jahleh, this pot is completely round and spherical. To play Jahleh, one palm beats vertically at the throat while the other hand hits the body. Throat sound is thick while body sound is relatively dry. The combination of these two sounds is wonderful.

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