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Every time you bend down to do another rakkat, it counts as you press your head on the stone so you can double check at what rakkat’s number you are. Sometimes you might lose count as you pray so this is a little helper. The Turbah is made from soil of Karbala, Iraq. Kiblah Finder helps you to determine the exact direction of the Kiblah.

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The Turbah of prayer is a piece of molded stone or soil on which the Shias place their foreheads during prostration. According to the Shias, prostration on the Turbah is not obligatory; Rather, prostration on the ground, soil, stones and what comes out of the ground (except food and clothing) is correct. Shias consider the use of the Turbah to be the same as the Prophet (PBUH) and the Ahl al-Bayt in using soil, stones and earth for prostration. According to Shias jurists, prostration on the soil of Imam Hussein (AS) is recommended. They made Turbah of this soil and prostrate on it. Wahhabis consider making and prostrating Turbah considered as heretics; But the Shias believe that the Turbah is same as the soil.

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