Trestle For Persian & Azeri Kamancheh M890


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This trestle is suitable for Persian Kamancheh, by means of which you can place the Kamancheh on the ground and play it. The material and high quality of this trestle makes playing with the Kamancheh enjoyable and easy for you. The movement of Instrument on the ground will be done easily if needed.

  • Dimensions: 90x30x116 mm
  • Material: Wood
  • Suitable for: Persian Kamancheh
  • Type: Instrument trestle
  • Persian Title: پایه کمانچه
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Trestle For Kamancheh M890

Many instruments in the world must be placed on the ground or in contact with the ground to be played. Contact with the ground makes the instrument not shake and vibrate when playing, and the musician’s control over the instrument is better. Having mastery over the instrument makes the performance of playing better, this is more important in concerts. The vibration of the instrument can change the tone of the sound output from the instrument, which is not suitable for professional musicians. In Iranian instruments such as the Kamancheh, the bowl cannot be placed directly on the ground, and in any case, it must be the trestle that is in contact with the ground. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of instrument accessories that are needed by musicians. Accessories such as this “Trestle For Kamancheh M890” that you will need if you play with Iranian instruments. Check our collection carefully and buy the supplies you need. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions90x30x116 mm
Place of productionIran
Handling time10 Days
Suitable forPersian & Azari Kamancheh
MakerNoor Ali-Zade
Product TypeInstrument trestle
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