Tesco Gaming Keyboard With Farsi Letters TK 8121L


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Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting gaming keyboards among the brands in the market is the new product of Tesco Gaming Keyboard 8121L. The material used in this keyboard has made the durability and longevity of this product equal to the world’s leading brands. In this keyboard, in addition to the material, stunning lighting or backlight (RGB) is used in a way that meets all the needs of users and can be adjusted in any way the user wants. The backlight in this keyboard can be adjusted in 9 modes, in two cases, you can turn on the backlight by pressing each key or by sound, which is one of the unique features of this keyboard. Other specifications of this product can be pointed out to G1 .G2. G3 keys that they are so-called macron keys. The body material is resistant and the keyboard is resistant to liquids and the cable is made of linen.

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The mouse and keyboard are the main computer accessories which without them the sweet experience of using computers becomes a bitter or even impossible experience. Also, if your native language is not English or you need to type in a language other than English, using a keyboard labeled with non-English alphabet letters is appropriate and necessary. Also, the correct arrangement of the alphabet according to the second language you need is very important.

Dimensions470x350x190 mm
Approximate weight700 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
ModelTK 8121L
Other Details- Liquid resistant
- Has a setting in 9 backlight modes
- Set the backlight to turn on with the push of any key
- Set the backlight to turn on with sound
- Linen cable
- FN key
- Adjust the backlight speed
- Adjust the light
- Use of very high construction materials
Connection typeWire
Interface typeUSB
Moisture resistantYes
Number of keys105
Persian lettersYes
Power supplyUSB
USB inputNo
Dust resistantYes
Key life10000000
CompatibilityWindows, Mac
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