Surah Al Ahzab Wazifa for Love Marriage Dua


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Surah Al Ahzab is one of the best Islamic Taweez, which is highly recommended to read and carry with you. Carrying this Taweez and appealing to the Imam solves problems and eliminates debt. If a girl has not succeeded in getting married, write this surah on a deer skin and hide it in a closed box in the girl’s house. With God’s help, the girl’s luck will be opened.

  • Type: Handwritten on Special Paper / Natural Deer Skin
  • Properties: Marriage and luck
  • Paper Type: Special Paper of Taweez / Deer Skin
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Persian Title: حرز سوره احزاب

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Surah Al Ahzab Wazifa for Love Marriage

This Taweez is one of the best Taweezs, which is highly recommended to read, write and keep for marriage and luck. It is mentioned in the words of the innocents and the narrations and chapters in the Quran also refer to this issue. Surah Ahzab is the most recommended prayer for marriage and the correct way of writing Surah Ahzab is very important for luck. In addition to the great effect of this taweez for marriage, reciting this taweez is also effective for the fulfillment of needs. Writing Surah Al-Ahzab for marriage on deer skin is very popular and ordered. This prayer for luck is one of the most reliable recommendations and narrations narrated by the Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Sadiq (AS). ShopiPersia is the largest website that sells Islamic religious supplies. Our store is located in a Muslim country, so we have tried to collect all Islamic taweezs. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions5x8 cm
Place of productionIran
MaterialPaper or Deer Skin
Handling time7 Days
Persian Titleحرز سوره احزاب
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