Striped Persian Handwoven Jajim Model Dario


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Using this magnificent completely Handwoven Jajim at home can change the interior of home and attract the eyes of any viewer. This Iranian Rug can bring the art Iran to your home with its bright color and stunning pattern. Jajims are lint-free and can be used on both surfaces.

  • Size: 1 m²
  • Dimensions: 107×102 cm / 3.5’x3.35 ‘ft
  • Dyeing: Natural colors
  • Iran
  • Material: Wool

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Striped Handwoven Jajim Model Dario

Iranian Jajim is one of the most famous and beautiful underlay fabrics woven by Iranian nomads. In fact, Jajim is the oldest and most authentic hand-woven fabric of Iranians. A beautiful, exciting and lint-free underlay that is woven with colorful and delicate woolen or cotton threads or a mixture of them. Jajim reflects the artistic texture of Iranian nomads and rural women. You can make a great impact on the beauty of home decoration by using this “Striped Persian Handwoven Jajim Model Dario” at home. An Iranian hand-woven fabric that has oriental authenticity at the same time as beauty and style. The use of Jajim is not only limited to the floor and as underlay. You can decorate other parts of the house, such as furniture or your kitchen table, with Jajim. We have collected the most beautiful and authentic Iranian Jajims woven by villagers and nomads in ShopiPersia. A unique and at the same time beautiful and original collection that is full of art. We Ship Worldwide.

Size1 m²
DyeingNatural colors
Dimensions107x102 cm / 3.5'x3.35 'ft
Handling time7 Days
WashabilityBy hand
Place of productionIran
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