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Stone kitchen utensils are created by cutting serpentine stones, which is an art specific to the city of Mashhad. This stone has no harm to the body and the environment. This product is the art of Mashhad stone masons.

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Persian Handicrafts

Iran is known by its gorgeous handicrafts such as Iranian carpets and tile works. You will surely be surprised with wonders in every corner of this vast country, wherever you go you will come across various local handmade products made by Iranian artisans. Iran has a brilliant artistic background due to its long history as well as the different ethnic groups and cultures in which they live. Iranian tribes in different geographies with different climatic conditions have invented many handicrafts. Handicrafts in Iran, which has been officially registered with the Handicrafts and Cultural Heritage Organization, is about 3,000 handicrafts. This number represents the rich culture and art of Iran that has survived and reached us through the centuries. One of the handicrafts of Iran that has existed for a long time is stone handicrafts that have been done by Iranian artists by designing, engraving and painting on stone.

Dimensions16x16x15 cm
Approximate weight1600 Gram
Place of productionIran
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
MaterialSerpentine Stone
Handling time7 Days
Other DetailsThis kind of stone is soft and vulnerable, it is also fire resistant. Due to the gentle cooking, it makes the food more delicious. The stone cauldron is a traditional dish for cooking Iranian food. This container is made of stone that contains minerals such as iron and magnesium. Cooking in this dish both makes the food more delicious and enriches the food with iron and magnesium. Also, the food is cooked slowly in this dish and never burns, so the properties of the food are preserved in the best possible way. Full description : A stone cauldron is a traditional dish that was used for cooking in the past; Over time, these dishes were abandoned due to the arrival of dishes that heated faster and made cooking easier, and were replaced by Teflon, aluminum, etc. dishes. New dishes also have disadvantages, despite their advantages in preparing food faster; Teflon, for example, is a toxic and carcinogenic substance, and if it enters food during cooking, it can cause poisoning and cause cancer in the long run. Rapid heating of food in these dishes also causes the loss of food tissue and nutrients; Also, these dishes have a short life and after a while, due to wear, they lose their appearance and become unusable. A stone cauldron is made of all-purpose stone, this stone is a type of serpentine and is composed of minerals such as magnesium and iron. This container is made entirely of this stone and no chemical or artificial layers are used in its construction.
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