Sirish Library Powder Glue for Tar & Kamancheh Skin Replacing


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To replace the skins of Instruments such as Tar String Instrument or Kamancheh, the skin must be glued to the string bowl with a special glue. To do this, Sirish Glue is the best glue used by professionals.

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Sirish Powder Glue

Sirish Powder has a high adhesion property that is used in the adhesive and natural industries. Due to its high adhesion property, it is very suitable for pasting advertisements, announcements, replacing the Instruments skin or for the books. Sirish Powder only does not stick, it also disinfects. Instructions for using the Sirish Powder: Pour the desired amount of water into a container, then gradually add the Sirish Powder to the water and start stirring until the hair glue reaches the desired concentration. Make sure that the liquid is neither too thin nor too thick.

Dimensions350 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialSirish Glue
Handling time7 Days
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