Shah Abbasi Persian Crystal Candlesticks Holder


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This beautiful candlestick has both consumer and decorative uses, and a space for placing a lamp has been installed in it. The height of each candlestick is about 46 cm. Because this product is handmade the height & Weight can be slightly different.

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Crystal Candlesticks Holder

This Enameled Shah Abbasi Persian Crystal Candlesticks Holder is the work of Iranian artists and represents a corner of Iranian culture and art. Painting and decorating glassware became popular among the Iranian people during the Qajar period, and many painters in Iran took up this art. Decorating all kinds of glassware, including candlesticks, is a good background for this art.

Dimensions14x14x46 cm
Approximate weight2000 Gram
Place of productionIran
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
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