Decorative Copper Bottle Handcrafted Persian Engraved Alma (2x)


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Discover the allure of Persian artistry within our Handcrafted Persian Engraved Decorative Copper Bottle. Each bottle is a testament to the rich heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Persian artisans. Painstakingly engraved with intricate designs, these bottles reflect the dedication and artful precision embedded in every etch, showcasing the elegance and tradition synonymous with Persian culture. Embrace the timeless beauty of Persian craftsmanship as you welcome these engraved copper bottles into your space. The exquisite engravings serve as a symbol of Persian cultural richness and sophistication, elevating any setting with an air of cultural heritage and artistic finesse. Each bottle stands as a proud tribute to the esteemed legacy of Persian artisans, offering not only a captivating decorative piece but a cherished emblem of cultural artistry.

  • Dimensions: 12x8x44 cm
  • Material: Copper
  • Techniques: Engraving – Ghalamzani
  • Place of production: Isfahan
  • Style: Traditional
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Engraved Decorative Copper Bottle Alma

Delve into the cultural legacy of Persia with our Handcrafted Persian Engraved Decorative Copper Bottles, meticulously created to honor the timeless traditions of the region. Each bottle serves as a testament to the skilled artistry and engraving expertise employed by Persian artisans. Crafted with precision, these decorative bottles feature ornate engravings that reflect the grandeur and artistry of Persian culture. The meticulous designs intricately carved into copper evoke a sense of sophistication, showcasing the esteemed craftsmanship of Persia. Elevate your space with the regal charm of Handcrafted Persian Engraved Decorative Copper Bottles. Each bottle is a symphony of cultural heritage, as the engraved patterns bring to life the richness and grace of Persian artistic expression. Beyond mere decoration, these bottles are a tribute to Persian art, bearing witness to the time-honored skills and the cultural significance embodied in every detail. Adorn your surroundings with the elegance of Persian artistry embodied in these engraved copper bottles. The intricate engravings epitomize the mastery and refinement celebrated in Persian craftsmanship. Embrace the heritage and dignity encapsulated in each bottle, as they represent not only a decorative piece but also a revered testament to Persian art and culture.

Dimensions 12x8x44 cm
Approximate weight 560 Gram
Place of production Isfahan
Washability By hand
Application Decorative & Consumables
Material Copper
Handling time 7 Days
Glazed veneer Yes
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