Portable Electric Korsi Heater 400w


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Over the years, Persian Korsi still has many enthusiasts and fans who like to use the Korsi not only to heat the house but also as a traditional and stylish tool for designing the interior decoration of your home. This heater can heat your Korsi.

  • Dimensions: 9x29x29 cm
  • Power: 200-400w
  • Voltage: 220v

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Electric Korsi Heater

The use of Korsi has long been used in Iranian family culture to heat a home or workplace. The korsi is a type of short table, with a heater underneath it, and blankets thrown over it. The family or others gathered and sits on the floor around the korsi during the winter. The korsi used to be quite popular for entire families to gather together during yearly Yaldā celebrations. The Korsis are generally heated with electric elements or, traditionally, with a brazier containing hot coals that is placed under the table. If you are interested in using the Korsi, this electric heater can be a good choice. With this electric heater, you no longer need charcoal to heat the Korsi, and you can also create a pleasant heat by adjusting the temperature. ShopiPersia is the largest Iranian website. Experience the joy of shopping with us. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions9x29x29 cm
Approximate weight1500 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forPersian Korsi
Other Details- Has a child lock safety system
- Ability to adjust the temperature
- Ability to install on the wall, floor, table
- Adjust the temperature with a thermostat
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