Persian Wall Key Holder Model Bird


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This beautiful key Holder is decorated with Traditional design and made of wood. It can be easily hung on the wall or on the door and can be set with any classic or modern decoration. Also this key holder can give glory and beauty to your home.

  • Dimensions: 30×10 cm
  • Approximate weight: 300 Gram
  • Suitable for: Hanging Key
  • Material: Wood
  • Style: Traditional

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Wall Key Holder Model Bird

Decorate your wall with this Persian Wall Key Holder. Using a key holder can complement your home decor. By placing this beautiful key holder at the entrance of the house, you can add a special beauty to the interior of your home. Today, Key Holders are produced in various and new designs. Different materials such as metal, wood, Clay, etc., are used to make the key Holders, and you can choose a suitable design from them according to your personal needs and tastes. Key Holders with Iranian or Arabic designs presented in ShopiPersia are really beautiful and unique. Iranian key holders with their original designs are compatible with any taste and decoration. This “Persian Wall Key Holder Model Bird” gives a special effect to your home decor. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions30x10 cm
Approximate weight300 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forHanging Keys
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