Persian Korsi Quilt Model Meri-Darya 350×350 cm


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This Persian style quilt is suitable for use on a Korsi. Having the right thickness and attractive design gives a special beauty to your winter decoration. Of course, it is also suitable for use in the bedroom. The top of this quilt is made of cotton and polyester, which has the necessary softness. A Unique Quilt that is Knotted by hand.

  • Dimensions: 350×350 cm / 137×137 Inch
  • Thickness: 3 cm
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Material: Natural Wool
  • Style: Persian

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Iranian Korsi Quilt Model Meri-Darya

This quilt has a relatively high thickness and is an excellent quilt to put on a Korsi and keep warm under it. Korsi is a low table that is used in Iran during winter and a heater is placed under it and a quilt is placed on it. It is a traditional item of furniture in Iranian culture. A family or other gathering sits on the floor around the korsi during the winter. A korsi used to be quite popular for entire families to gather together during yearly Yaldā celebrations. Korsis are generally heated with electric elements or, traditionally, with a brazier containing hot coals that is placed under the table. It is covered with a thick Quilt overhanging on all sides to keep its occupants warm. The occupants sit on large cushions around the korsi with the cloth over their laps. A special woven rug called “ru korsi” is usually placed over any blankets to protect them from food stains. This “Iranian Korsi Quilt Model Meri-Darya” is a great choose to use on a Korsi. We Ship Worldwide.


Dimensions350x350 cm / 137x137 Inch
Approximate weight13000 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialNatural Wool
Handling time7 Days
Other Details- The inside is filed with Natural Wool
- Round embroidered
- Two procedures
- Fixed color
- Washable
- The center of the quilt is patterned sewing machine
Thickness3 cm
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