Persian Traditional Dizi Pot M650


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If you are looking for Traditional Persian Dizi Pot to cook Abgoosht this metal dish can be a choice. Cooking Dizi and eating it with friends and family outside of Iran can create an unforgettable memory.

  • Dimensions: 10x10x11 cm
  • Material: Aluminum

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Persian Dizi Pot for Abgoosht

Dizi or Abgoosht is one of the popular and traditional foods of Iranians. For Dizi cooking in the traditional way, special dishes are used which are known as “Dizi Pot“. Traditional Persian Dizi Pots are usually made of clay or stone but metal containers are also. Abgoosht is a delicious food that has many fans and that is why different restaurants include it in their menu. Almost every city in Iran has its own unique type of Dizi. The history of broth dates back to the ninth century and has a special place among Iranians. Dizi is very good along with fresh vegetables and pickles, especially in the cold season. Buy Traditional Dizi Pot for cooking Abgoosht directly from Iran. We Ship Worldwide.
Dimensions10x10x11 cm
Approximate weight65 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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