Persian Traditional Copper Cooking Pot Khomre


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This Persian Traditional Copper Cooking Pot Model Khomre, Made and designed by Iranian artists. This Product shows the peak of Iranian creativity in making handicrafts. Having such handicrafts in every house, apart from showing the art in Iran, its value because of metal increases over time.

  • Dimensions: 21x18x16 cm
  • Approximate weight: 1063 Gram
  • Zanjan

Copper Cooking Pot

Copper Cooking Pots can be used for decorative purposes as well as for cooking. Cookware is very important in making food tasty and delicious and is one of the most important and effective factors in cooking success. Copper Cooking Pots have been used for cooking since ancient times. Today, the use of these dishes has become popular due to its many properties. Arranging copper utensils in your kitchen will make your kitchen brighter & more beautiful. Interior designers always use mirrors and elements with a glossy surface to create shine and light in the space. Copper Cooking Pots can make cooking moments pleasant for you. If you are looking for a Persian Copper Cooking Pot, be sure to check our category. ShopiPersia is the largest website for selling Iranian Copper products. We ship worldwide

Dimensions21x18x16 cm
Approximate weight1063 Gram
Place of productionZanjan
Handling time7 Days
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