Persian Shirani Tombak Zarb Drum Model Mulberry SH


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Persian Shirani Tombak Drum, is one of the famous brands of Tonbak in Iran. This Persian tombak with the following specifications is one of the tombaks made in Shirani workshop:

  • Body material: Mulberry
  • Head skin material: Camel skin
  • Diameter of head (large opening): 28 cm

Persian Tombak Tonbak

Mr. Shirani was one of the first producers in the field of mass production of Persian Tombak Drum. Shirani tombaks are produced in different types and with different qualities that are suitable for professionals and amateurs. The tompak, also tombakdonbakdombak or zarb is one of the percussion instruments. Persian Tombak is considered as a goblet drum from a morphological point of view. In the past, the body of Tombak was made of wood, pottery and sometimes metal, but today only wood is used to make Tombak. Tombak considered as the principal percussion instrument of Persian music. Persian Tombak history back to pre-Islamic times with the Pahlavi letters of Dembelek. Tonbak has made significant progress in recent decades and has even emerged as an independent instrument for solo.

Place of productionIran
Handling time10 Days
ModelMulberry S-H
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