Persian Sohan Asali & Blended Pistachio Persian Nougat

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Persian Nougat – Gaz

Gaz is one the Iranian nougat which is very popular & delicious in Iran. Gaz known as Persian Nougat in America & Europe or as Harina Masghati in Spain. If you are looking for traditional and oriental style homey guests, try this Persian Nougat and serve it with coffee. Enjoy! This pack is a mix of Gaz & Sohan Asali. Sohan Asali or Honey Sohan, one of the Iranian Organic candy honey or dessert that baked with pistachios and almonds or other types of nuts and seeds and also honey. Honey Sohan is one of the best Iranian candy that has a great reputation among the people of Iran. Generally, Honey sohan with tea and coffee is served and with tea or coffee is consumed.

Dimensions20x20x5 cm
Approximate weight660 Gram
Place of productionIran
Other Details28% Pistachio
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