Persian Sculpture Model Achaemenid Persian Soldier


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Having a Statue or Sculpture of Iran’s historical and cultural sites or Symbol of Iran, is a sign of our interest in our land. Although we live outside of Iran, we are proud of our identity and culture.


The Achaemenid Empire, also called the First Persian Empire, was an ancient Iranian empire that was based in Western Asia and founded by Cyrus the Great in 550 BC. It reached its greatest extent under Xerxes I, who conquered most of northern and central ancient Greece, including the city of Athens, in 480 BC. Cyrus the Great was the founder and first king of the Achaemenid Empire, which ruled over large areas of Asia for thirty years, between 559 and 529 BC. For thirty years, from 559 to 529 BC, Cyrus ruled Iran and expanded the borders under his rule more than any other ruler. In Pasargadae, in the heart of present-day Iran, Cyrus established a capital for his kingdom and began his great empire. According to historians, Cyrus laid the foundations for a state that was used by the Achaemenids, Greeks, and Romans for centuries.

Dimensions30x30x78 cm
Approximate weight15000 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Other Details- Due to the fact that it is made of fiberglass and can not be seen inside the statue in the X-ray machine, it is possible that this statue will be broken or punctured in the customs of the destination country and there is no responsibility for ShopiPersia website.
- We do not accept refunds or return.
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