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Raw Persian Pumpkin Seeds Snack


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Roasted & Salted Pumpkin Seeds are one of the most popular snack that has many fans and has amazing and unique properties for the body. Try them in place of sunflower seeds or peanuts for your next snack. A favorite Iranian snack.

  • Approximate weight: 750 Gram
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Type: Raw
  • Persian Title: تخمه کدو گوشتی
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Raw Pumpkin Seeds Snack

Roasted & Salted Pumpkin seeds are one of the most popular snacks in the world, which has a higher price than other edible seeds. There are different types of seeds in Iran and they are used as snacks. These seeds are very good for health and help prevent some cancers. This snack is rich in vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, folic acid, and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus and copper. In addition these seeds are a great source of calories. These Seeds help to form blood cells and bone marrow. In addition, the seeds are useful for strengthening the immune system of pregnant women, and the iron in the seeds prevents anemia. Therefore, the effect on pregnancy and fertility is one of the properties of Pumpkin seeds. This snack also helps to care for and maintain healthy skin. ShopiPersia is the largest website that sells Iranian seeds. Invite your friends over for a delicious snack. We ship worldwide.

Approximate weight750 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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