Persian Decorative Wall Plaque Model Oud Player


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Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of our Persian Decorative Wall Plaque, a masterpiece created by talented Iranian artists. Each plaque is a testament to the skill and artistry of Iranian artisans, meticulously handcrafted with precision and passion. Inspired by the rich tapestry of Iranian art, these plaques celebrate the artistic heritage of Iran. They beautifully capture the essence of Persian culture and design, making them more than mere decor; they’re a reflection of Iran’s artistic legacy. Hang these plaques on your wall and infuse your living spaces with the allure of Persian art. Whether adorned with intricate patterns or elegant motifs, these plaques add depth and sophistication to your home. Each plaque is a story, a nod to the timeless beauty and traditions of Iranian art. Discover the art of Iran with our Persian Decorative Wall Plaque, a cultural gem for your decor.

  • Dimensions: 30.5×19.5 cm
  • Material: Clay
  • Techniques: Pottery
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Pattern: Player
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Persian Decorative Wall Plaque Model Oud Player

Enhance your Wall Art Decors collection with our mesmerizing range of “Decorative Plaques.” These exquisite pieces of wall art are designed to elevate your living spaces, adding character and charm to your home. Whether you’re seeking to infuse warmth, elegance, or a touch of culture into your decor, you’ll find the perfect plaque to achieve your desired ambiance among our selection. Uncover the timeless allure of Persian art and culture through our specially curated Persian-themed decorative plaques. Each plaque is a gateway to the captivating world of Persian history and artistry, adorned with intricate designs, calligraphy, and motifs paying homage to the rich Persian heritage. These plaques offer more than mere decor; they evoke an ambiance of sophistication and cultural significance. From geometric patterns to traditional symbols, each plaque narrates a unique Persian story, making it a valuable addition to your Wall Art Decors collection. Our decorative plaques are a harmonious blend of style, tradition, and elegance, perfectly complementing the themes of your Wall Art Decors. Regardless of your decor preference, be it contemporary, traditional, or eclectic, these plaques are versatile additions. With various materials, styles, and sizes available, you’ll discover the ideal decorative plaque to resonate with your taste and seamlessly complement your Wall Art Decors.

Dimensions 30.5×19.5 cm
Approximate weight 743 Gram
Country of origin Iran
Application Decorative
Material Pottery & Polyester
Handling time 7 Days
Frame PVC
Model Oud player
Brand Mahrashk
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