Persian Oil Lantern Sun Way Model S


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This oil lantern, in addition to being beautiful and inducing a nostalgic feeling, has the function of a functional lantern, Because it has a lot of light and except for decorative uses in ceremonies and poetry nights, it is very suitable for camping and hiking because it only needs some fuel such as fuel oil or industrial alcohol and very good resistance in Equal to moisture and dust.

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Oil Lantern

Lantern (Greek: φᾱνός) is a chamber lamp, which is mostly taken with them in ancient times, or installed to illuminate a great distance on a high place such as a minaret and other than that. A lantern is made of a material that does not cover light, whether it is glass or crystal, or paper or cloth, and a lamp is placed in it to protect it from the wind.

Dimensions12x12x26 cm
Approximate weight400 Gram
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
Other DetailsHas extra wick + funnel
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