Persian Necklace Morghe Amin Model Mahdokht


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This Persian Necklaces decorated with a Persian Morghe Amin Symbol and made of Brass.

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Morgh-e Amen

Morgh-e Amen Amen bird is one of the Persian myths.
Amen bird in folklore and culture of the Iranian people is the name of the angel who flies continuously and says “Amen”. It is known that if someone needs something and he/she expresses his/her desire while an Amen bird passes over his/her head, the desire will be fulfilled.

The English translation of the Poem which is written on her painting in Farsi:

Morgh-e Amen by NIMA YUSHIJ
Amen Bird is a suffered wanderer
who has been to every corner of this oppressed land,
He is overwhelmed and not tired or thirsty nor hungry.
He is still after a remedy.

Dimensions 1x25x40 cm
Place of production Iran
Application Consumables
Material Brass
Handling time 7 Days
Suitable for Ladies
Necklace Plate specifications
Material Brass
Necklace specifications
Material Brass
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